Bryce Vine performs at SpringFest

Bryce Vine performs at SpringFest

Eva Mihelich, News editor

Mercyhurst students had the opportunity to see singer Bryce Vine perform on stage in the Warde parking lot on April 23 for the first ever outdoor SpringFest. He is known for his many hit songs: “Guilty Pleasure,” “Sour Patch Kids,” “Drew Barrymore,” and “La La Land.”

The concert was completely planned and executed by Mercyhurst Student Government. A small team of executive board members work together starting in October each year to plan this traditional event. It was a lot of hard work to plan the event and it really paid off.

“We worked super hard to set up the concert all day before and the day of SpringFest. We’d been planning the event for months and it was so awesome to see all of our hard work pay off. We were really happy with the turn out and everyone had an awesome time. Plus we really lucked out with the weather. We are hoping to be able to host SpringFest outside again next year because it was just such a great experience,” said Nick Brodfuehrer, president of MSG.

During the day prior to the performances, students could check out the special SpringFest menu in Grotto Commons Dining Hall. Parkhurst partnered with MSG to create the menu and transformed the dining hall into a California Food Truck wonderland. While at Grotto Commons, students could check out some of the stations MAC/SAC hosted including a temporary tattoo station, flavored oxygen bar, and CD painting.

To attend the concert, students had to get a ticket, free of charge, by showing their student IDs, and then they were also permitted one guest pass if desired for anyone who isn’t a student at Mercyhurst. Doors opened at 5:45p.m., and students began lining up. No outside bags or beverages were permitted: just you and your high energy!

The performance started out at 6:30 p.m. with DJ Ca$hEra from Chicago, IL who played pumpup songs ranging from “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston to “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes.

The crowd was roaring with energy, ready for Bryce Vine to take the stage.

Finally, the time came. The smoke machines were going, the lights were flashing, and Bryce Vine himself appeared from the performing arts center doors, jogging to the stage with a smile on his face.

He delivered an energetic, lively performance with infectious energy that had the whole crowd cheering along. Many students did not know who Bryce Vine even was before SpringFest but left with high spirits and a new artist to listen to!

Bethany Jentz, sophomore Intelligence Studies major, said, “I had only listened to Bryce Vine a couple of times before SpringFest, but I didn’t know all the words or anything. But now I have been listening to him a lot more. He just had such a great stage presence even at such a small concert.”

Jentz said that her favorite song performed was “Drew Barrymore,” which was a song that really got the crowd hyped.

Because of COVID, students have not had SpringFest in two years, so the return of it was met with great anticipation and high hopes for a future of more events to return to campus.

If you missed SpringFest and did not get the chance to see Bryce Vine perform, follow him on social media and listen to his music.

His songs are well-liked by many and have a happy-go-lucky summer feel to them, so it is fitting that he performed on a rare sunny day in Erie, Pennsylvania.