The 814: Cauldron and Thorne


Christina Judy, Contributing writer

While cars are busy buzzing up and down 8th street, some stop to take the time to reflect on themselves and inquire about their futures. Cauldron and Thorne is a newer gem of Erie that is living up to their mission of “supporting a Magickal, Joyful, Inspired Life.” Their location, at 2724 W 8th Street, matches appropriately with their merchandise and vibe as it sits near the enchanting water of Presque Isle.

This metaphysical shop was opened amidst the pandemic with the intention of providing people with the means to alleviate stress and search in their soul for the kind of person they want to become. With all the uncertainty and lack of control that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, Cauldron and Thorne sought to give people a space to look within themselves to find some peace. With a unique collection of gems and crystals, as well as over 90 scents of incense, crystal balls, tarot card readings, healing jewelry, magic wands, candles and much more, customers are free to explore the depths of their soul. They also put on a number of events aimed to help people connect to the universe. Everyone is welcome to participate in shop-sponsored activities, such as leaf reading, yoga, reflection activities and full moon healing; these events bring individuals in alignment with parts of themselves that are in search of healing or health.

Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Store clerks will greet you with their experience and wisdom about products they have personally connected with and will also guide you to finding the object you desire most.

When I visited Cauldron and Thorne, I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking about myself and the balance in my life that I was searching for. As I walked inside the door, my curiosity piqued upon seeing the endless variety of healing jewelry. From the selection of healing bands, I purchased one called Amazonite which is meant to aid in overcoming fear and obtaining balance between my mind, body and soul. Each healing band has its own purpose, which is what allows it to have individualized value to the customer. When you find the one for you, make a wish and tie it on; when it breaks off, your wish is manifested to be true.

In case you are not a jewelry person, this store offers an assortment of crystals that each have a special intent that, even if you are not searching for something in particular, will find a way to resonate with you. When I inquired about the reason behind reading a crystal ball, I was met with a thought-provoking response. I was told that many people feel unsettled about their future and looking deeply into a crystal ball creates a sense of self-reflection that leads many people to answers on how to handle situations about their futures. Every question has a thoughtful answer like this from the amazing employees that truly love their jobs.

The desire to better oneself and create a more peaceful balance in our life is something many of us are looking to do. Trying to find a way to start might be overwhelming, but Cauldron and Thorne offers many tools to help individuals begin on this journey. With spooky season just around the corner, its the perfect time to pay Cauldron and Thorne a visit!