Intramural sports gaining popularity

Intramural sports gaining popularity

Sydney Dietz, Sports editor

Mercyhurst offers many different clubs and programs to get involved on campus. One way to get involved on campus is by playing an Intramural sport. Intramural Sports consist of fun, casual athletic games that are offered in both the spring and fall semester.

The sports that are offered this year are flag football, kickball, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and wiffleball. Students can register as free agents and do not need a team to play, however groups of students can register together as a team if desired.

Any student is qualified to register for any sport, regardless of their athletic ability. Intramural Sports provide students the opportunity to stay active and meet new friends.

This is what Katie Neely, the Leadership and Outreach coordinator and Intramurals Advisor said,

“Intramural sports bring in two components of the wellness wheel, physical and social well-ness. We see the value in bringing these two components of wellness to the Mercyhurst student population,” said Neely.

“We want students to feel part of the community here at Mercyhurst and this is one way they can find themselves meeting new people and exploring different interests. We see that students have an opportunity to forget about the stresses of college life and enjoy participating in an activity once or twice a week.“

Intramural Sports was originally brought to Mercyhurst by two Sport Business students who proposed the idea as an RSCO (Recognized Student Club/Organization) because they felt there were not enough opportunities to participate in a sport with more structure.

There are trained referees, campus involvement staff, and CPR/AED certified staff available so the Intramural Sports can take place.

“My education and work back-ground has been in Recreation and Sport Administration, so I am thankful that the Mercyhurst Student Life Administration and President Getz has trusted me with this opportunity to bring this program to Mercyhurst,” said Neely.

“I do my best to listen to the needs and wants of students and where I can make a difference.”

There are many benefits that come from participating in Intramural sports. Studies have shown there has been an increase in students’ overall happiness, social life, and reduction in anxiety when they participate in Intramural Sports.

“Intramural Sports are a great way to meet new people and a healthy way to obtain some exercise. It is also a way for former high school student athletes to still feel connected to a sport that they once played, or it could be a way for someone to try something new!” said Neely.

The winter sports will include basketball and dodgeball. These games will be played in the Rec Green Gym and the championships will be held in the MAC. Intramural Sports at Mercyhurst has been a success and has had a positive impact on many students.

Campus Involvement is trying to grow the program and expand the sports offerings to accommo-date student’s interest. To register, students can go to the Intramural Hub Page or

The registration date for winter sports is Oct. 30 with the start of the season on Nov. 7. Intramural Sports are a great way to get involved on campus while also staying active and meeting new friends.