Hurst Hot Take: “Normal Gossip” podcast


Emma Coppolo, A&E editor

While it is not socially acceptable to acknowledge, gossiping is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends. However, the social repercussions of this kind of conversation make it less than ideal. For this reason and others, I’m obsessed with a podcast called “Normal Gossip.” Host Kelsey McKinney compiles juicy stories from listeners across the country. After anonymizing the story to refrain from exposing people’s private lives, McKinney presents the story to that episode’s guest.

Firstly, she and the guest discuss their feelings on gossip in general. McKinney then tells them whatever story she has chosen for the week. I think one of the best aspects of the podcast is the format it is presented in. McKinney takes a sort of choose-your-own-journey” approach, asking the guest what they think each person should do in a given scenario. While some scenarios seem predictable, there is always a shocking twist.

One of my favorite episodes is about a family controversy that has spanned decades. This specific story is about four cousins, one of which flushed a hot dog down their grandpa’s toilet at a family function. None of the children confessed even after being interrogated by the parents and grandparents. Even as adults, everyone had their theories, but a confession had never been made. That is until a confession is made to the grandpa on his deathbed. The grandma notes that he refused to tell her, but his hypothesis was correct for all these years. As the story unravels, listeners get to make their predictions, as well.

The conversational tone of the podcast makes you feel like you are in the room with McKinney and her guest, which makes it even more fun. Some episodes, such as “Hot Dog-Gate,” are light-hearted and inconsequential. Others have serious implications that make you wonder how people could act in that way. All episodes, though, reel you in and hold your attention until the very end. I 100% recommend this pod-cast, even if it does not sound like your cup of “tea.”(I refuse to apologize for that gossip-themed pun.) Happy listening!