Kunda Kids books make African culture more accessible


Emma Coppolo, A&E editor

The books we read as children have profound, long-term effects on us. Whether it be blatant or more subliminal, many of these books are teaching us lessons that prepare us for the rest of our lives and mold our mindsets. Additionally, children’s books allow the opportunity to learn important concepts in a more palatable form. Books like these educate children in memorable ways without boring them. For this reason, they can be an amenable method of teaching children culture and history. This is the goal of a publishing group called Kunda Kids.

Kunda Kids is based in London, but their contributors are located both in the UK and Africa in countries such as Uganda and Ghana. The goal of Kunda Kids is to teach history, culture and self-love through a series of children’s books. With books such as the Africa’s Little Kings & Queens series, Kunda Kids has been praised and received multiple awards in their short time publishing. Through their beautiful artwork and wide array of topics, Kunda Kids is working to create a more inclusive learning environment for children of all backgrounds.

One of Kunda Kids books is called “Sarai’s Culture Day.” In this book, children of different cultures are encouraged to embrace their backgrounds and proudly share them with others. The representation of cultures in this book are not stereotypical; the publishers work to produce a diverse depiction of what different people within cultures may be like regardless of general assumptions. Not everyone looks the same or celebrates their culture in the same way, and it is important to acknowledge differences to create an inclusive environment.

In their line of historical books are stories such as “Queen Amina and the Zazzau Games,” “King Alboury Cooks the Best Jollof ” and “Keke and the Cake Thief.” These picture books teach African history in a fun and memorable way. They highlight important historical figures that are often ignored by Eurocentric school systems. The care and attention given to each of these stories are unprecedented and so important for a globalized education.

In addition to books, Kunda Kids also produces affirmation cards. These cards have sayings on them intended for children to repeat and “boost esteem and encourage self-affirming thoughts and behavior.” This kind of behavior has been seen more and more recently, especially on social media platforms. Parents encouraging their children to invoke self-praising mantras create healthier mindsets about the self. Kunda Kids recognizes this, and their cards are intended to help in this endeavor.

This company is creating an inclusive, unique learning environment that people should be talking about. Their new app allows for even easier access if people are unable to obtain their books. Kunda Kids has an important mission, and their products will help an immeasurable number of people. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah or anything else, Kunda Kids’ products make for a beautiful, meaningful gift for any children in your life.