Want a weekend getaway?

Eva Mihelich, News editor

Mercyhurst University offers a retreat each semester that gives students the chance to take some time away from their busy lives.

Being a college student is not easy – it comes with daily struggles, difficult situations and new circumstances that nothing can fully prepare you for.

You get caught up in clubs and activities, all while trying to balance your academics, mental health, and for some, your spirituality.

Mercyhurst is a Catholic institution but welcomes people of all faith backgrounds.

Because it is a religiously affiliated university, there are many opportunities offered to grow in your faith. Campus Ministry is very active on campus, with the Carpe Diem retreat being one of the many things that are offered to all students, even if you are someone who has never been involved with their faith before.

If nothing else, consider going on this retreat to get off campus for a little bit.

It is an overnight retreat, and transportation is provided as the drive is a little under 2 hours away. It will take place at the Villa Maria Retreat Center.

Retreats are uncomfortable for some people due to the vulnerability of it, but embracing that discomfort can lead to great growth in your spirituality and human experience.

Part of being human is our interdependency and finding beauty in our shared experiences, so consider taking that step and going on a retreat.

Michelle Scully, Campus Minister, said this retreat is a great way to learn about yourself and those around you.

“Student leaders will share talks, there will be small group conversations, and plenty of opportunity for fun. There’s a basketball court and a pool!” said Scully.

Although Mercyhurst is a smaller university, there are many people who you pass by each day and who you know nothing about.

There is something very special about going off campus and sharing your thoughts and feelings that creates a bond in the community.

Scully said that this is an opportunity that is open for everyone, “We say that this retreat is ‘as religious as you want it to be.’ This particular retreat is not modeled for people coming from any specific religious background and is not trying to lead anyone to a certain (or any) religion. Rather, it is a place for self-reflection, community building, and a time for rest.”

If you have any questions about this opportunity, reach out to Scully.

Additionally, you can stop by the Campus Ministry student lounge at any time to chat with students involved with the various activities offered.

Consider signing up for the weekly newsletter for Campus Ministry as well to stay up to date with the many spiritual opportunities, such as Catholic Devotions, Wednesday Night Fellowship and the Bible Study on Thursdays.

No experience with campus ministry events is necessary — show up and see why so many students enjoy the community while also learning more about yourself and your spirituality.