Senior Award nominations now open

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Graduation is now a little less than three months away. For seniors, this is a time when they are beginning to wrap up their last set of classes and say goodbye to friends who still have a couple of years to go. However, one exciting aspect of graduation is nominating our fellow peers for senior awards. There are several awards that are offered for graduation at the associates, baccalaureate and graduate level. They are all great honors to be bestowed upon graduating students.

The Carpe Diem award is the highest award that an undergraduate student can receive. The student who wins this award also serves as the student speaker at graduation. It is given in recognition of intellectual competency, personal integrity and most importantly, leadership impact. It is presented to the outstanding senior who has made the most positive impact on the life of the Mercyhurst community and who best exemplifies the university motto, “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the Day.”

Another award that is given to graduating seniors is the Sister Carolyn Herrmann Service Award, given to a student who has given selfless time, energy, loyalty and talent in the spirit of the award’s namesake. The Bishop’s Award for Academic Excellence is presented to the senior that is considered to be the top scholar of their graduating class. Based on criteria such as GPA, program demands and if applicants have double majors or minors, the Registrar’s Office will present to the President’s Selection Committee the students with the top five GPAs. Then a winner of the award will be picked from there who will receive a cash award from the Catholic Diocese of Erie.

The Frank Barry Leadership Award, named for one of the first male student government presidents, is given to a traditional graduating senior who has exemplified superior student leadership and campus involvement during their time at Mercyhurst. Those are the main overarching awards that are given to students at the baccalaureate level, but there are others given for honors students within each college and beyond.

This includes the Mother Borgia Egan Honors Award, which recognizes the model honors student who fully embodies the spirit of a liberal arts education, and the President’s Award for Excellence, given to student with high GPA and the biggest contribution to each academic college. Other awards given at graduation beyond the baccalaureate level include the McAuley Award for Excellence in the Academic Colleges, given to the top scholars for each associate degree level, the Sister Eustace Taylor Graduate Student Award in the Academic Colleges, given to the top scholars for each graduate degree level and the Catherine McAuley Adult Student Award, given to who is considered to be the most outstanding adult student in their graduating class.

If you are interested in nominating one of your peers for one of these awards, or are even interested in nominating yourself, the nomination form is available on the Student Hub right now! This is a great way for students to be commended for all their hard work and dedication.