Up for grabs: top NFL free agents and coach hirings


Hailey Steidle, Staff writer

Rapidly after the Lombardi Trophy was won by the Kansas City Chiefs at the 2023 Super Bowl, the attention of many NFL viewers was switched from what would happen at the Super Bowl to what would be occurring in the 2023 offseason and the changes it will bring to the league.
From multiple NFL teams letting go of members and getting new coaches to the new upcoming seasons free agents, a general sense of excitement for what may come from the upcoming season is circulating among many viewers.
The implications of these additions and losses are at the forefront of many teams’ minds as many teams are changing who they have placed in their offensive coordinator positions as well as their defensive coordinator positions.
All across the league, teams are switching out their personnel across many levels.
The Arizona Cardinals have hired a new head coach, Jonathan Gannon who had previously worked as the Eagles defensive coordinator. Multiple other teams have also hired new head coaches.
A short list of these teams are the Houston Texans who hired DeMeco Ryans who is the 49ers former defensive coordinator, the Indianapolis Colts who hired Shane Steichen who is the Eagles former offensive coordinator, and lastly the Denver Broncos who hired Sean Parton who was formerly the Saints head coach.
The Carolina Panthers are one of the teams who have hired the most new personnel to their team. These new members include a new head coach, Frank Reich who was the Colts former head coach.
A defensive coordinator, Ejiro Evero, who was the Broncos former defensive coordinator. They finally hired a new offensive coordinator, Thomas Brown, who is the Rams former assistant coordinator.
Another major position that seems to be gaining a lot of new names is the defensive coordinator position. The Atlanta Falcons have hired Ryan Nielson who was the Saint former co-defensive coordinator and the Cleveland Browns hired Jim Schwartz who was the Titans former defensive assistant.
With free agency beginning on Wednesday, March 15, there are sure to be plenty of player trades in addition to the new team personnel. The current free agency lineup has a few quality receivers and pass rushers while the offensive tackles will continue to be scarce.
However, even with scarce offensive tackles there are sure to be plenty of linebackers, safeties and runningbacks for teams to choose from.
The National Football Leagues official website has a current ranking of free agents, which is subject to change as players are released from other teams and join the list of free agents.
The top ten on their list are as follows: Lamar Jackson, Geno Smith, Javon Hargrave, Orlando Brown, Daniel Jones, Derek Carr, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, James Bradberry, Jessie Bates and finally coming in #10 is Saquon Barkley.
Although most NFL teams are in the clear in regards to their teams and personnel, there is a group of teams who still are uncertain what will be needed in order for their teams to succeed this season; leaving many fans and coaches feeling uncertain about the upcoming season.