Michael Bradley Scores 1,000th Point for Lakers


Megan McKay, Staff writer

On Saturday Feb. 18 the Lakers got their 20th win on the season over Clarion.
The Lakers secured the win by a score of 62-55 but that was not the biggest accomplishment of the night. In his final bucket of the game guard Michael Bradley got his 1,000th point of his career. He recorded 8 points in the Lakers win against Clarion in addition to his impressive milestone.
Bradley is a 6ft senior from San Antonio, Texas. Bradley has had a crucial impact since entering Mercyhurst his freshman year where he led the team in assists. Bradley has continued to excel as he has had a strong senior season with a high of 31 points against Clarion. He is not just a dominant force offensively but also posts strong defensive efforts each game. He consistently steals the ball and collects rebounds in crucial parts of the game.
Bradley thanked many of the people who have helped him get to where he is today in achieving the amazing feat. Without a strong work ethic Bradley would not have found the success he has. He mentioned the accomplishment saying, “It’s something that I am very proud of. This accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without God, my parents, work ethic and I ultimately would not be able to get this without the amazing help of my teammates. Everyday stepping on the court they have the belief to put the ball in my hands and allow me to have the confidence I need to get the job done. I was able to accomplish this by everyday just working, improving my craft and ultimately staying consistent always finding ways to better myself.” Bradley attributes the strong season he has had thus far to the work the team has put in.
He described how the work he has put in is not for himself but for the team. Many players who reach these career setting point accomplishments are the most selfless and dedicated players on the team. As Lebron James said after reaching his historic milestone to become the NBA leading goal scorer, “I didn’t even try to do it.” Bradley described the Lakers focus this season mentioning, “We focus on what we can control day at a time, and don’t let any factors change who we are. Basketball season is very long, so it is important to stay in the moment and to never let the past or future affect your present.” Bradley has become just the 16th Laker to enter the 1,000 point club and he got to do it on his senior night in front of his parents. He described the moment being an incredible feeling. He thanked his teammates saying, “I’ve had a lot of great players to look up to and learn from such as MiyKah McIntosh, and Steve Cannady so to be able to enter such an elite club is something to definitely be proud of.” The Lakers currently sit 21-4 and in their most recent win against Seton Hall Bradley has not slowed down after leading the Lakers with 20 points on the night. The Lakers have secured a bye into the opening round of the PSAC tournament. As the team prepares for postseason play Bradley mentioned the team’s mindset saying, “For the final stretch of the season I would say our team goals are to ultimately be connected as possible when playoffs begin for us. We know the team that we have developed and the culture established so as long we continue to do whatever it takes the win then I see a very deep playoff run ahead.” The Lakers rounded out their final regular season game last Saturday against Gannon where they won 105-70.