Hurst Hot Take: ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ rocks!


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“Daisy Jones & the Six” is a new Amazon Prime series that premiered this March.

Eva Philips, staff writer

Calling all readers, rock fans,and hopeless romantics—Amazon Prime recently debuted a new show that will appeal to all of those demographics and more.
“Daisy Jones and the Six” is a ten-episode television series that premiered on Amazon Prime on Friday, March 3. The first four episodes came out on March 3, followed by another two episodes each subsequent Friday to conclude on Friday, March 24. Its episode release schedule will satisfy binge-watchers and those who prefer to watch weekly releases.If the title sounds familiar, you may have seen it before—on a bookshelf.The new Amazon show is based on a novel of the same name, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reid is an increasingly popular author whose best-known book is likely“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.”
She has a talent for creating complex, lovable characters and captivating relationship dynamics. Fans of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” have to wait a little longer to see a big-screen adaptation, which will come to Netflix within the next few years.But the wait is over for fans of “Daisy Jones and the Six,” now
brought to life on the silver screen.From its first few minutes, the show is instantly unique and captivating.It is filmed in a pseudo-documentary style. Nearly every character in the show is featured in interviews that are incorporated seamlessly into the show.The interviews take place years after the story’s main events, adding a unique twist of reminiscence and dramatic irony to the show.The story follows the parallel lives of Daisy Jones, an up-andcoming singer-songwriter carefree to a near-dangerous degree, and the Six, a band whose core members hail from Pittsburgh.Billy Dunne leads the band, a handsome and talented musician and singer played by Sam Claflin,whom you may recognize from the romance movie “Me Before You.”Claflin is the perfect casting for Dunne, with rugged looks and a vulnerable side.The love of his life is Camila Alvarez, played by Camila Morrone. Alvarez follows Dunne and the rest of the band across the country to build a life with him, but that life does not come easy.Dunne struggles with anxieties about starting a family and the pressures of growing fame that
threaten his happiness with Camila.Meanwhile, Daisy Jones needs help to produce enough great songs for an album. Her best friend Simone is launching a musical career of her own, and the rest of the Six is trying to determine the band’s direction when it seems like Billy Dunne may abandon them.When all seems lost, Dunne hits a turning point, and Jones happens to overhear a snippet of a new Six demo.The result? It is a collaboration that will change all of their lives
and makes for a great show.Amid the dreary lingering Erie winter, “Daisy Jones and the Six”provides a welcome getaway from the comfort of your couch.
If the promise of romance, drama, fame and family struggles is not enough, consider the flawless 1970s vibes transporting the audience to another, sunnier place
and time.So go ahead—give it a shot.You won’t regret it