University status improves international reputation

The change to university status is expected to influence international student admissions. Mercyhurst already has a good international name; however, the changes are expected to amplify Mercyhurst’s reputation and attendance.

“The attainment of university status will help leverage and complement our global recruiting efforts,” Director of International Admissions Eric Evans said.

International Student Adviser Daniel Cabanillas explained that much of the improvement has to do with linguistics. Most of the world equates the word college with a high school and university with an institute of higher education.

“This will ease our language barriers overseas,” Cabanillas said.

The change will create less confusion and an easier process. International students are expected to have an easier time pursuing employment and graduate degrees once they return home.

“I suppose it leaves us with one less excuse when/if we’re still jobless upon graduation,” Ciarán Doherty, a senior from Ireland quipped.

Christian Starry, a junior from Guatemala, agreed.

“Mercyhurst will have a better international perception since the university status increases the prestige of the institution, making it easier to obtain better jobs,” he said.

International student admissions expects this change to help sell Mercyhurst better to prospective students around the world. They hope to see an influx of applications for international students and increase some acceptance.
Evans has already experienced this.

“Mercyhurst has a very good name internationally, particularly in the countries where we actively recruit. The attainment of university status will help leverage and complement our global recruiting efforts. I also believe university status will be very helpful when the international students return home for employment or pursue graduate studies.

“I am currently recruiting in Central America and already have experienced some of the aforementioned,” he said.

“University is what (international students) have at home,” said Doherty. “It’s what they seek, and it’s what employers want. So if they can get that here, they’re more likely to travel to Mercyhurst.”

Dean Atkins, a graduate student from England, agreed.

“Back home college is the equivalent to junior and senior year of high school. It’s nice to be able to say I’m at a university now. It has a certain stature to it. I think it will improve Mercyhurst’s reputation with international students,” he said.

According to the admissions website, Mercyhurst has students from 46 countries and is ranked number 13 by U.S. News & World Report, Master’s Universities – North for international students.

The Mercyhurst College Office of International Admissions and Services works to create a smooth transition process and encourages international students to apply.