'Hot Fuss' still going strong

Despite the eight years that have passed since the release of “Hot Fuss,” The Killers have yet to fully match the pure musical magic found in their debut album. The ’80s-inspired synth rifts, guitar ensembles and classic vocals from lead singer Brandon Flowers are all carefully pieced together to line up hit after hit.

The opening “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” is just the beginning of greatness. The bass line laid down by Mark Stoermer complete with the eerie keyboard support makes for a haunting lead-off track that does not disappoint. The subsequent track is easily the best on the album.

The previously ubiquitous “Mr. Brightside” definitely lives up to its billing as a chart-topper. The oft-repeated theme of a cheating girlfriend is cleverly portrayed in a fresh way that encapsulates the lover’s angst. The key to the track is found in the lyrics “But it’s just the price I pay/ Destiny is calling me/ I open up my eager eyes/ Cause I’m Mr. Brightside.”

These closing lines show the optimism of moving on from a spurned past. The singer is embracing his true destiny and looking toward the future. The next four tracks continue to impress, especially with the likes of “All These

Things That I’ve Done.” This track contains a beautiful bombastic build, culminating in the repeated lyric “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”

In the latter half of the album, “Change Your Mind” clearly stands out above the rest. It uses short phrases and words to conjure images and ideas.

The result is a song about the cycle of falling for someone, mustering up the chutzpah to tell him/her and hoping he/she will respond in kind. It captures a feeling many can relate to.

Simply put, “Hot Fuss” is a brilliant body of work that stands the test of time. It boasts hit song after hit song, staying fresh and inventive in the meantime. Each tune holds its own and carries the listener throughout the disc.

After eight years it can be said “Hot Fuss” will easily remain one of the best albums to ever be released.