Faculty changes take shape for 2012-2013 school year

As received in many student emails, several faculty changes will occur for the 2012-2013 academic school year. The departments affected include Communication, Hospitality Management, Fashion Merchandising, core classes and Business.

Core faculty changes to occur are the departure of Chris Lachapelle, Ph.D., Ms. Brenda Moore and Mr. Pete Zohos from the university for the next school year.

Lee Belovarac has moved her office to Old Main 209 and will take over different roles at the Adult College. Belovarac will still be available to main campus students, but her time will be limited due to her new responsibilities.

The Business school will be gaining three new faculty members; Young Han Bae, Ph.D., Marketing, Kris Gossett, ABD, Management and Bill Jeffress, ABD, Sports Management.

The Communication department will have their former chair, Michael Leal replaced by Meghan Corbin. A new faculty member will also be hired with a strong background in Social Media.

Allyson Schrimper-Minor will join the Hospitality Management department as a full time faculty member and the Fashion Merchandising department will welcome Amy Weaver-Kaulis as the chair and Abbey Rowe will become a full-time instructor.

“In general, as with any academic department, faculty move in and faculty move out,” Vice President for Academic Affairs Philip J. Belfiore, Ph.D., said. “All programs remain as they were, and we anticipate the new hires will strengthen already fine programs. Any changes we make academically, we make to improve the programs we deliver to students.”

An additional change for the school year is the completion of the Center for Academic Engagement building. The building will be finished on time and on budget. The majority of the classrooms will be for Intelligence Studies and Hospitality Management.