Freshman Adrienne Kloecker receives PSAC player of the week

Having a mid-season record of 4-9 can be a challenge for any team, but the Mercyhurst women’s basketball team is fighting strong and stepping up to the plate to make their season one to remember.

One player that is sticking out and received PSAC player of the week award is freshman shooting guard Adrienne Kloecker.

“It’s definitely an accomplishment, happy to have the chance to play and to have even gotten the award. I just have to keep playing my heart out,” Kloecker said.

After suffering a 55-73 loss to West Chester Friday night, the Lakers came out with a strong 64-48 win against Cheyney University on Saturday.

“We have a lot to work on, but the biggest that we have as a team is heart. We just have to come together and play better,” Kloecker said.

Kloecker has started in every game but one this year so far, having the second-highest amount of play time of 367 minutes, Kloecker is stepping up and making herself a sound player, not only as a starting freshman, but also for her next four years at Mercyhurst.
Adrienne Kloecker remains poised as defenders close in.: Brian Vail photoAdrienne Kloecker remains poised as defenders close in.: Brian Vail photo
Being the third highest scorer with 105 point, behind starting seniors Kaylee Foster and Dana Banda, Kloecker will be the only starter left after this year.

“This year’s goal for me is to be like a sponge, and to just let everything sink in. To listen to the seniors and to myself and next year I’ll be the only starter remaining so I want to be really be able to just step up and be a leader for not only myself but for the team,” Kloecker said.

“College basketball is a lot different than high school, and it was hard at first to adapt to. It’s a lot faster, harder shooting clock, but a bonus is that we have a lot more freedom create our own players and not as many set players,” Kloecker said.

The Lakers are working are, practicing hard and improving as a team to make this year one to build on.

“Were mostly working on more defense in the games, and taking pride in guarding your own player, and doing more no help defense,” Kloecker said.“We’ll ultimately we want to make it to the playoffs, but we have to work hard at it. The next four years are going to be big and we have to work together so we will be able to pull out a ton of more wins.”

The Lakers next game is in the Mercyhurst Athletic Center (MAC) on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 5:30 p.m. against Clarion University.