Water polo ranked 9th in preseason standings

The Lakers’ water polo season is about to start, and the 2013 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) has ranked Mercyhurst University at 9th in its preseason poll. Last season, the Lakers won an impressive 12 games and look to do even better this season.

Senior driver Lisett Calderon was named CWPA Southern Division Second Team during the 2012 season with an incredible 81 points and 63 goals.

“As a senior, I would hope to achieve a better record than last years. We have a lot of talent coming in from our new freshman and transfers, and I think that having a better season is a reachable achievement,” Calderon said.

Calderon is ecstatic that the Lakers have been ranked so well in the preseason.

“It feels good to be ranked 9th and to be seen as a threat to other teams. Now all we have to do is either live up to the ranking or do better,” she said.

Having won 12 games last season, Calderon is looking forward to winning even more this season.

“We have been hard at work since preseason, and will continue to work hard. We can only hope that it shows in the pool throughout the season,” Calderon said.

In April, the Lakers will face No. 1 Princeton University.

“When you think about facing a number one team in any sport, even if you are ranked second, you get a sense of wanting to do the best you can and give 110 percent,” said Calderon. “As an athlete you always want to win, but we will leave it all in the pool and do our best when April comes around.”

The Lakers open up the 2013 season against Salem International on Sunday, Feb. 10.