Albums to keep in mind photo: Justin Timberlake's album will be released March photo: Justin Timberlake’s album will be released March 19.
Springtime is a wonderful time of year life returns to the vegetation, the days get longer and most importantly a whole lot of new music is released by big name artists. Below are a few of the albums that will be released this spring and will definitely be worth checking out.

Artist: Justin Timberlake
Album: “20/20 Experience”
Release Date: March 19
Why Should I Care? It is Justin Timberlake the only 90’s Pop Star to keep his career going without any hiccups. Plus, he still has his pipes.

Artist: The Strokes
Album: Comedown Machine
Release Date: March 26
Why Should I Care? The Strokes are by far one of the best Indie Rock bands out in the industry. After listening to a single from the album I have high hopes for another smash hit.

Artist: Phoenix
Album: Bankrupt
Release Date: April 23
Why Should I Care? The bands new single “Entertainment” proves that this band is more then a one hit wonder.

Artist: MGMT
Album: MGMT
Release Date: June
Why Should I Care? This means MGMT will be playing across the US this summer on yet another one of their legendary psychedelic tours.