Twitter accounts potentially hurtful

Over the past couple of weeks, a series of Twitter accounts have created buzz on campus. The mania began with HurstMakeouts and was soon followed by other accounts including HurstMistakes, MercyhurstRumors, MercyhurstCrushes, MU_Bucketlist and MUConfessions.

One of the most popular accounts, MercyhurstCrushes allows students to anonymously share their crushes by sending a direct message to the account and the mystery account owner tweets their comment.

There have been mixed feelings about the accounts. Many students find the comments entertaining and even claim they have become addicted to them, constantly checking their Twitter for new mentions and confessions. Nevertheless, others find the tweets rude, inappropriate and overly descriptive.

The initial tweets posted by the multiple accounts were lighthearted and amusing. However, recent tweets have been the subject of concern for taking it a bit too far. Some of these comments cross the line between being amusing and offensive.

In a mid-size school where most students know one another, there is great potential for the respective accounts and their content to hurt and embarrass individuals.

Many students do love the Twitter accounts because they create both excitement and anxiety as to whose name will pop up next. On the downside, the different accounts can become tools for individuals to promote themselves or their friends, which many students claim is what is really going on.

As for the involvement of Mercyhurst University, the accounts don’t seem to be alarming the Public Relations Department. After all, the accounts are merely on a student-to-student basis and should have no impact on incoming or prospective students.

Furthermore, it would be difficult for Mercyhurst University to control the accounts because social media is a platform to create, share and exchange information and ideas.

Regardless of the different reactions, the accounts have being receiving, they have certainly sparked the attention of the student population.

The real question seems to be whether the Twitter accounts are just another fad or are they here to stay for the long run.

So far, it seems like MercyhurstConfessions and MercyhurstRumors have been shut down and MercyhurstCrushes has been tweeting fewer comments.