Sleigh Bells optimal for summer listening

In my last two articles, I gave suggestions on bands that will help you create a perfect summer playlist.

The only problem was that both bands had more of a laid-back sound and were perfect for casual listening around the pool or a bonfire. We all know though that there is way more to summer than lounging around.

This next band, Sleigh Bells, is for those wild moments of pure spontaneity that come out in everyone when you mix warm weather with the lack of schoolwork.

Sleigh Bells is a two-piece New York duo comprised of singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist/ producer Derek Edward Miller.

Despite being only two people, they both boast a strong performance background that makes up for their lack of manpower.

The charming Alexis had her first taste of fame at a young age as the girl who winked at the camera during the Nickelodeon magazine commercials. She later went on to be the singer of an all girls band.

Derek performed in the Florida Metalcore outfit “Poison the Well.”

It is because of these unique backgrounds that Sleigh Bells creates something totally different.

To create their sound they blend heavily destroyed guitar parts mixed with drum machine and other production elements.

So let’s talk about what tracks you need for the wild side of your playlist.

I would have never thought that the blend of heavy metal guitar and keyboards that remind me of ice cream truck music would ever work together, but “Comeback Kid” proved to me it was very possible.

Despite how interesting the instrumental part of this track sounds, Alexis’ lyrics and vocals are the real gem on this track. She sings “I know it’s hard but, you’ve gotta deal with it” in a way that is sweet, but challenging.

“Born to Lose” is another monstrous track on the album. This track’s drum part hits you like a machine gun as Derek’s guitar part gives you the urge to head bang along.

The last track “You Lost Me” is a much slower, and more complex than the others on the album. The instrumental parts come at you from every angle in the form of guitar dive bombs and crashing drums.

I hope all my suggestions have been helpful in your quest to build the perfect playlist for this summer. Cowabunga, dude!