‘Hurst PSAC athletes excel in academics

Mercyhurst athletes lead the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) in terms of academic success.

The academic success rate is measured by degree completion among freshman classes over a four-year period.

A statement released by the PSAC explains that student-athletes in this conference continue to graduate at a higher rate than the national Division II average.

Between the classes of 2003-2006, the Lakers have lead the conference with 89 percent Academic Success Rate (ASR).

There have been three teams that stand out with a 100 percent ASR: men’s and women’s tennis and women’s golf.

The women’s golf team’s season begins in spring, but according to Coach Ron Coleman, his team’s work ethic is all-year around in the classroom and on the golf course.

“Their time-management skills are what allows them to achieve high levels in all areas,” Coleman said.

He said that most of his athletes have to balance a full schedule, a job, and activities outside of their sport.

He said that his athletes’ work in the classroom shows him that they are self-motivated on and off the course.

Along with women’s golf, the men’s and women’s tennis teams have maintained a perfect academic success rate as well.

Tennis Coach Jerome Simon finds that excelling in the classroom must come before playing on the courts.

He emphasizes to his players that it is up to them how hard they want to work inside and outside of the classroom.

Not only do the coaches encourage class attendance, but Simon insists that players are “not allowed to miss class for practice,” and he also explains that he does most everything he can in order for players to be able to attend class on days that a match is scheduled.

Being ranked as a leader in Academic Success is a huge award for Mercyhurst Athletics and PSAC members alike. Coach Simon and Coach Coleman have enforced the importance of balancing school-work and practice to their players.