‘The Lego Movie’ impresses with high reviews

If, when you heard there was going to be a LEGO movie, you thought of your favorite childhood moments or sets with the building blocks, congratulations: you have taken the first step to uncovering what makes ‘The LEGO Movie’ a more than worthy recipient of a score above 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Like many, I first heard of the movie through its hysterical trailer. A quick search of the cast of voice actors, ranging from Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation, comedic legend Will Ferrell, to Community and Mad Men starlet Alison Brie left me dumbfounded. For a movie aimed at children, the nuance, detail, and polish to the humor rivals any blockbluster comedy. The same can be said for the superb, silky animations and cinematography, all of which containing whimsical and rich visuals.

It is easy to be puzzled by the simplicity behind the film’s title. Entering the theater I was wondering, was it chosen to be broad enough to encompass the wide range of LEGO universes? Is it meant to make the film seem like it doesn’t take itself seriously? The answer is both, and then some. It came to me afterward that no other title would capture the spirit of the film. It is exactly what it says: a movie about the experience of LEGOs, ultimately pulling off a David Fincher-esque cinematic stunt which puts ‘The LEGO Movie’ in a league of its own.

The message the film was profound and subtly revealed as it progressed. It gave form to an idea which any LEGO fan, myself among them, knows but finds difficult to put to words. Of course, that message is omitted in hope of making you curious enough to see a comedy truly deserving the praise and will proudly be passed on to the next generation of LEGO fans.