'Raw Edges' impresses audiences.

Alison Ockasi photo: Raw Edges is filled with artistry and acrobatic dance numbers, focusing on the edges of movements, which wowed audiences.Alison Ockasi photo: Raw Edges is filled with artistry and acrobatic dance numbers, focusing on the edges of movements, which wowed audiences.

The ‘Raw Edges’ performance, last weekend, was innovative but did not alienate classical roots.

With beautiful performances from both current and former Mercyhurst dancers, the show was dynamic and exciting.

From the music choices to music and lighting, the performance was more than simply dancers on a stage.

The opening dance, Inscriptions, featured a spoken verse of the poem “Fox Trot Friday” by Rita Dove.

Only the lines of the poem and the movements of the dancers broke the silence. The dramatic piece drew the audience in and the following dances kept the members captivated.

‘Raw Edges’ is a fitting title for the showcase for each dance explored either the edges of dance or the edges of emotion.

It is said, “everything you go through in life should come out in the way that you dance.”

Featuring pieces inspired by loss and the horrific events of 9/11, this show allowed dance to guide the way through some of the most difficult times in a person’s life and a tragic time in our country’s history.

The tone of the show quickly changed with a solo performance, Fragmented (excerpt) featuring an unexpected soundtrack.

“Leyendecker” by Battle loudly rang through the speakers as the dancer, Caroline Milliken Euker, a 2005 graduate, exploded onto the stage.

Her performance was spectacular.

She lit up the stage with her incredible energy and technique.

Of the night, a six-part piece was captivating.

In a crowd full of black, all the eyes were first drawn to The Lady in the Red Dress.

The dance begins with the first signs of night as dusk begins to fall and travels with the dancers as they move through the outdoors to the bar and an art museum and finally finishes with breaths of the light of dawn at the river.

The dances were shaped by the dancers themselves and their unique skill sets.

One of the most exciting elements was the incorporation of acrobatic dance, which left the audience eager for more.

Each part had its own particular style and poise, showing off the talented Mercyhurst Dance Department.

The final performance brought the audience back to the roots of ballet.

A large group of beautiful glittering white tutus filled the stage, their feet perfectly pointed.

Despite the modern innovations of dance, the Mercyhurst department is sure to give credit to the original ballet work that has given us the technique to build upon.

Classic never really goes out of style and this dance was a testament to that.

Throughout the show, the Mercyhurst dancers presented their work with a lot of passion and precision.

They effortlessly glided across the stage, showing their hard work throughout the years and dedication to the art of dance.

The dancers ranged from freshman students to graduated alumni, but onstage they all performed beautifully.