‘It’s Gonna Be a Good Day’ for Mercyhurst theme song

Junior communications major Alan Abramek collaborated with other Mercyhurst students, and spent over eight months in the studio,: mercyhurst.edu photoJunior communications major Alan Abramek collaborated with other Mercyhurst students, and spent over eight months in the studio,: mercyhurst.edu photo

When you think of university songs, you typically believe them to be fight songs, which a school band will play at football games and other sporting events.

However, the new Mercyhurst University theme song, created by junior communications major Alan Abramek is very different.

The song opens immediately with an upbeat rhythm, combining a symphonic mix of piano, strings and guitar, all followed by uplifting vocals.

It can instill an immediate mood change, in a good way, and make you want to get up and dance, hence its title, ‘It’s Gonna Be A Good Day’.

The song’s compositional efforts combine many of Mercyhurst students all overseen by Junior Alan Abramek.

Originally, Alan did not intend for this song to be such a major project.

He was writing the song when he decided to make it a collaboration project among the community.

“It was so cool because it was pushed by the students.

It wasn’t homework, we weren’t ordered to do this from somebody, and we did it because we love music,” said Abramek.

Alan credits the Mercyhurst University campus, as well as the general community for inspiring him to write this new theme song.

He loves Mercyhurst and all the different talents that people have on campus.

Alan began this project by first creating everything on his laptop, followed by finding other people to collaborate with.

Alan studies communication but many of his friends study music.

This project did have many stressful moments.

“It was all about finding the right people to play and sing, and then get all those people into the studio.

All this followed by recording, editing, and making changes to parts that didn’t fit.

All of this can become very stressful, especially when you have other commitments such as class and homework,” Abramek said.

Alan says that when it comes to music production, many people view it as much easier than it really is.

“A lot of people believe that there is a ‘magical app’ when it comes to producing and composing electronic music, but there is actually a whole lot more to it,” said Abramek.

It took them up to eight months to complete this song from start to finish.

“It’s a long process.

I’m constantly learning to put songs together, and to compose.

This is my first big release.

I love producing and composing music.

It’s fascinating to me,”Abramek said.

Alan and his team have even bigger aspirations for their project, by making an Instagram campaign related to this song.

They are going to pick a hash tag and encourage students to take pictures of what makes them happy and moments on campus which make them feel good.

Ultimately, they hope to create a music video out of all the pictures.

Alan hopes this project inspires other universities to make their own theme songs.

“It could become a trend at other universities.

I haven’t heard of a college taking a project like this to a professional level.

Imagine if we got a lot of people involved in it.

This could branch to other schools if we are successful.”

In the meantime, if you have not listened to “It’s Gonna Be a Good Day,” Alan invites you to do so.