‘Untold’ better left unsaid

The movie “Dracula: Untold” is the untold story about one of the most feared monsters that lurked in the night, also known as the ruler of Transylvania.

Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) plays Vlad Tepes, the ruler of Transylvania.

This story begins where the “Dracula’s Origins”movie ended, with a peace treaty between Transylvania and the Ottoman Empire.

Unfortunately, Vlad realizes the Ottomans are now trying to force him to accept their costly new demands.

Knowing his kingdom lacks the army to defend against its enemy, Vlad makes a deal with the devil to turn himself into a vampire.

“Dracula: Untold” then presents us with Dracula’s 3-day journey of trying to save his people from the Ottoman Empire, while battling another war within himself.

The film is mediocre at best.

The writers did an impressive job writing the story for “Dracula: Untold”, which also included a remarkable acting job from the cast.

Everything else about this movie was far below expectations.

The director failed to reveal the true side of Dracula, the one that people fear the most from the monstrous tales.

Overall, it lacks the excitement and thrill that is needed to grab the audience and keep them from wanting to get out of their seats and leave the theater completely.

A large majority of audience members will leave disappointed.

Some viewers can argue they get more excitement from watching the trailers than they do from the movie itself.

Instead of Dracula being portrayed as a horrifying monster action film, the director turned the project into an overused hero’s journey-style story.

The film gives off a vibe like a television show reject; the entire film could have acted like the summary of a 22-episode season for a television series.

The ending brings both happiness and raises questions as Dracula is reunited with the reincarnation of his departed wife, which opens up doors to the second half of the curse that the movie the director had kept lurking in the shadows for a “Dracula: Untold”sequel.

I can review the sequel for part two within a short few sentences… the sequel will be a long- awaited battle between Vlad Tepes and the Devil.

At the same time, Dracula must fight to prevent his love from death, once again resulting in Hollywood giving audiences another cinematic disappointment just like the first film.