Adams show opens at EAM

Wilbur Adams is showing at the Erie Art Museum until January.: Victoria Kreysar photoWilbur Adams is showing at the Erie Art Museum until January.: Victoria Kreysar photo

The Erie Art Museum presents a new instillation, “Styled by Adams,” from artist Wilbur Adams, open from Oct. 10, through Jan. 4, 2015.

The exhibit focuses on the works of Adams, showing sketchbooks, drawings and even some of his designs.

“Styled by Adams” is filled with sleek designs and contouring lines that speak to past decades when Adams created them.

As visitors walk through, they are bombarded with images of familiar items—a toilet designed in 1956, tractors from the 1940s, car sketches from the 30’s, the list goes on and on.

In one corner sits a familiar milk truck.

Adams streamlined the milk truck design to create a more efficient machine.

In addition to the everyday items, Adams drew plans for space-age-looking drive-in theaters, with an appearance of something straight from the future.

The exhibit also shows his innovative side—one example being a wooden tricycle.

Visitors will see firsthand Adams’ innovative spirit as they wander through the exhibit, noticing the new twists he put on old objects.

Visitors will also find commercials from magazines and newspapers, offering the sale of Adams’ creations.

The old ads show the finished product, Adams’ sketches attest to the creation of it.

General admission is $5 for students and seniors, $7 for adults and children under five are free.

The Museum is free every Wednesday and second Sunday of the month.