Mercyhurst Student Government Report Oct. 28th

Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) held its first town hall style meeting Monday, Oct. 27. All student government meetings are open for anyone to sit in on.

The goal of this new format was to promote student involvement. President Nick Latta said, “We wanted to open up the floor to everyone in a more free, public space.” However, there were a total of five students outside of MSG present. MSG will continue to promote their meetings and encourage students to attend.
MSG member, Lindsay Rowe presented the idea of Mercyhurst hosting an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. “I was wondering if you guys would be interested in hosting a lemonade stand in the spring,” Rowe said. She has talked to the Firebird restaurant in the Millcreek Mall about receiving discount lemonade as part of the fundraiser.

The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation provides free advertising for the fundraiser. MSG will revisit the idea at a later date.
MSG will continue to work with students in order to address both food and housing concerns across campus. The significant changes to the Laker have been the focus, but Egan Dining Hall is also of main concern. Students can discuss their opinions and concerns to any member of MSG. President Latta said, “I will open the floor for concerns.” None were given and again members were told to encourage their friends to attend meetings and have their voice heard.

Club members and leadership are also encouraged to attend meetings and voice any concerns they may have. Caleb Ohmer, Vice President, presented a “motion to approve” a Russian Club as an official Mercyhurst University club. This motion was met with unanimous approval from MSG.

Next, AJ Zahuranec, Treasurer, discussed philanthropy requests. MSG unanimously approved “allocating $100 to Habitat for Humanity, who will then donate it to a superior branch” of the organization. Also unanimously approved was the Fashion Council’s request for MSG “to donate a match of $100 to the American Cancer Society.”

The weekend’s events of Mini Golf and Haunted Hurst were briefly addressed. SAC Chair, Michelle Farley said, “Mini Golf had 65 people attend” and “300 for Haunted Hurst, which filled all the available slots.”

Megan Lawrence, Events Coordinator, announced upcoming events of the Beer Tasting and Spring Speaker. She looks forward to the Beer Tasting. Lawrence said, “They’ll teach us about Beer and let us sample some of their stuff.” The spring speaker Frank Abagnale will talk about “How he’s a good guy now and turning your life around,” said Lawrence. MSG is looking to partner with the Tom Ridge School to bring students to the event.

Lastly, Garrett Erwin, the Public Relations Coordinator addressed an MSG newsletter and social media sharing. A week before finals MSG will publish a newsletter to help keep students informed. Erwin discussed utilizing social media as a tool for students as well. It’s really important that you guys [MSG members] share the statuses,” Erwin said in an effort to expand student government outreach.