Maintenance addresses student concerns

Mercyhurst Student President Nick Latta and chairperson of the Facilities Use Committee T.J. Lockhart spoke recently to Maintenance about improvements around campus and the new work-order system.

One of the main issues, according to Latta, is making sure Maintenance finishes the jobs its crews start. To help with this, they leave a card saying who fixed the problem and when. In addition, the students know that someone has responded to their work-order.

The new system includes email notifications that tell maintenance if something hasn’t been fixed yet.

“This just makes sure things aren’t going too long without being checked,” Lockhart said.

Another feature that is helping maintenance communicate with students is the survey students receive after a job is completed. The survey allows maintenance to see what students thought of the service.

Most orders are addressed within two days. However, because many students are using the online system, Maintenance is still working through orders. Some orders that are not urgent take longer to respond because of this.

The new system is designed to be quick and easy to use. The form can be accessed from the maintenance page on the portal. Latta, who is a Residence Assistant (RA), said that students are using it, rather than asking the RAs to submit an order.

Other issues Lockhart said were brought to maintenance include lighting around the grotto between Student Union and Egan, the staircase to the parking garage by Duval and one of the parking garages on Briggs Avenue.

Lockhart said maintenance is aware of the lighting issue around the grotto and that it would be fixed in the future.

The staircase to the parking garage by Duval also needs repaired. It is currently blocked off by a wooden gate.

The parking garage, lot 19, on Briggs Avenue between apartments 3939 and 4007 is unable to be used because the structure is unstable. Maintenance plans to tear the garage down and replace it with a flat parking lot, Lockhart said.

MSG and maintenance are working together to keep students updated on work-orders and other fixes on campus.

“We try to make sure we’re all on the same page,” Latta said.