MSG Report 2-2-2015

In a secret ballot with a vote of 19 for, seven against and two abstentions, Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) voted to add a Multicultural Activities Council Chair to the MSG executive board. This change to the constitution was in conjunction with the Mercyhurst Student Activities Council (SAC).

Avid debate questioned the effectiveness of a Multicultural Activities Council (MAC) in its ability to encourage unity.

“The goal is to create two entirely new councils that will work together,” Public Relations Coordinator, Garrett Erwin said. In the new system, MAC will be separate from SAC. [what is Mac?!]

[Put a lead in on this.] Student Council President Nick Latta said, “Although SAC does a good job to include the multicultural population we want to do more.” Sam Collier, a guest at the meeting said, “a lot of students embracing their culture do not feel they can just walk up to you (MSG) and ask for help.” According to Collier, this is a disturbing issue and needs to be addressed. However, there were differing opinions on how this would best be accomplished.

Other Senate members did not feel creating a new council and new position on the executive board would achieve the desired unity.

“Creating two defined committees seems counterproductive to creating a united front,” Senator TJ Lockhard said.

Other members questioned whether it was necessary to create the MAC and add an MAC Chair to the MSG executive board. They conveyed that one or the other would suffice,” [who is this quoting?!]

The Constitution defines the Multicultural Chair’s mission “The mission committee shall coordinate activities and events to promote diversity on and off campus in cooperation with other RSCO and university entities.” It is also stated, “the committee will also aid in conducting MAC events.” The MSG duties of the MAC chair will be very similar to those of the SAC chair, however they will be bringing a different perspective to the discussion. [this needs to be higher]