Students voice concerns at Parkhurst forum

The second public forum of the year gave students the opportunity to pose questions and suggestions to the contracted dining and maintenance services on campus.

“Tell us what you would like to see,” said Dean Schoenfeldt, senior general manager for Parkhurst Dining Services. “Because we make everything from scratch. We can build what you want.”

He asked for students to give specific examples on their comment cards of foods they would like to see offered so they can accommodate.

However, there are some limitations. Students asked for an increase in the supply of fruit offered at the dining facilities across campus, and Parkhurst was unable to meet the demand, according to Jessica Seggi, director of Board Operations of Parkhurst Dining Services.

“Fruits come in seasons and unfortunately you guys [students] aren’t here for those seasons,” Seggi said.

Maintenance’s new system of allowing students to request work orders online received positive feedback.

“It’s good to have that frontline access,” Dylan Radtke, junior MSG Senator, said.

Several students addressed weather-related concerns, such as ice and unplowed streets. Ken Stepherson, head of the Maintenance Department said the wintry conditions prevent cleanup.

“With temperatures below 20, salt doesn’t do anything anyway,” Stepherson said.

AJ Zahuranec, MSG treasurer, wanted to clarify the protocol for maintenance entering residences when students do not answer the door.

Stepherson said the policy included a knock and a verbal identification of maintenance personnel. If there was no answer, maintenance would enter the residence to attempt to resolve the issue.

“If students would like to change this, you let us know,” Stepherson said.

Maintenance asked students to remember that typical maintenance hours run from 6:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Several students raised concerns of work orders going unfulfilled.

“Follow the system, but if the system doesn’t work, call [Ken Stepherson],” Gary Brown, Ph.D., senior vice president of Finance and Administration said.
Both students and staff members encouraged the forums as a way to keep an open dialogue on concerns regarding campus services.

“If it’s what the students want, we will do it. Even if we think it’s a bad idea, we’ll try it. That’s where feedback is important though,” Brown said.