Too cold: Mercyhurst cancels classes

Severe cold temperatures have led to class cancellation for Thursday, Feb. 19. A water main break between Briggs and Lewis has also occurred, cutting off the water supply to several areas on campus.

The cancellation came after an email to the student body was sent at 3:56 p.m., warning that the “the National Weather Service has put out a wind chill advisory in effect from midnight [Wednesday] evening through noon on Friday.” The emails also listed that the school would provide several warming opportunities to the students throughout the advisory period, such as free hats and gloves as well as tea and cocoa in Hirt, Zurn and Old Main.

Notice of the class cancellation was sent via text alert to the student body. The reason for the closure was listed as “hazardous weather conditions.”

According to an email sent out by Police & Safety Lieutenant Matthew Platz, “the proper people have been notified [about the main break] and the situation should be resolved as soon as possible.”

This comes on the heels of a water pipe break in the Audrey Hirt Academic Center late Tuesday night. The break caused extensive water damage to the computer lab in Room 110 on the lower level of Hirt as well as other parts of that floor and the main floor above.