Laker and Union under repair from flood damage

The Carolyn Herrmann Student Union will likely re-open April 10, once all flood damages have been repaired.

On Feb. 21 the water main broke, flooding the Laker Inn and closing the entire building.

“We are aiming to have the Student Union open by April 10 with full functionality,” said Sue Johnson, Director of Administration and Executive Assistant to the President. “Right now we are getting the lists of what needs to be replaced to the insurance company so new furniture and supplies can be ordered.”

In addition to the problems with the student union, many other facilities on campus have been affected, namely the Audrey Hirt Academic Center and the Center for Academic Excellence, as well as some upperclassmen housing.

Morgan Johnson, a senior English major, has been struggling with the Laker being closed, particularly because she cancelled her meal plan sophomore year due to lack of use.

“I have been paying out of pocket for the food I would get at the Laker, which is great because everything has a set price,” said Johnson. “I can get what I want and pay for only that. With the flooding leading to the Laker being closed, I haven’t been able to do that.”

Junior History major and student ambassador Becky Schratz has also been affected by the flooding.

“I eat most of my meals quickly, on-the-go because of my busy schedule and that is hard to do without [going] to Laker,” Schratz said.

Schratz also added that the damage has affected her work as an ambassador because it prevents her from showcasing some of the main buildings on campus while they
are in disarray.

While these issues are being dealt with, many of the offices located in the student union have had to be relocated to other places around campus.
Leadership and Outreach Coordinator, Kristy Jamison and others have been trying to ease the confusion for students during this time, promising to relocate and contact clubs with reservations in the Union.