Sequel ‘Insurgent’ doesn’t disappoint

Die-hard fans of the “Divergent” series will not want to miss the highly-anticipated sequel “Insurgent.”

Picking up with the storyline from the previous movie, “Insurgent” follows Tris and Four as they are wanted, and hunted, for the deaths in the Abnegation faction.

Kate Winslet renews her role as Janine, the Erudite faction leader, making her a much more fierce adversary for Tris as she searches for the solution to the alleged Divergence problem.

Filled with non-stop action, this movie had me sitting on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Starting with a fight scene and ending with a fight scene, this movie brings the action of the novel to life in a way the previous movie failed to do.

From the opening scene, the viewer is placed back into dystopian Chicago, only the stakes are higher this time.

Tris must literally battle for her life, with the lives of her faction mates hanging in the balance.

With a much better performance from actress Shailene Woodley, playing Tris, fans will be thrilled to see the beloved heroine come to life the way they always imagined.

Being a fan of the book series first and foremost, there were several discrepancies between the book and the movie adaptation.

However, they in no way detract from the overall effect of the film.

For fans of the books and movie alike, I highly recommend going to see it.