Dancer Q&A: Erin Alarcon mixes dance major with religion minor

Erin Alarcon is a senior dance major with a religious studies minor.

1. What originally attracted you to Mercyhurst?

I had never really heard of it and my mom suggested that I look into it. So I went to the Web site and realized what a great dance program it has.
Tyler Stauffer photoTyler Stauffer photo

2. Where are you from?

Hackettstown, NJ. Home of the M&M factory!

3. I know that you dance a pretty equal mix of modern and ballet. Do you have a preference?

Well, I started ballet when I was about six years old. I hardly had any modern until I came here. I do not have a preference because each helps the other. My first experience with modern was freshman year with Mark (Santillano). I loved it and I have been very interested in it ever since. That class really opened me up to another dance form that I now really enjoy.

4. Why did you choose a college dance program?

I wanted to get solid dance training, as well as an education. I knew I could experience the different forms of dance here, which was what I wanted. I now have the background in other forms, in order to help the others.

5. Are you planning to audition this year? If so, where?

Well, I don’t want to say where because I am afraid I will jinx (my chances). I am auditioning for companies that do a mix of contemporary and ballet.

6. Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in a company?

Definitely a smaller one that does the classical ballets but also new choreography, so I can work with choreographers and modern works.

7. Are you interested in teaching?

Well, it was really fun to teach modern open class in the fall, but I want to teach further down the road when I am done dancing.

8. Do you have a minor and if yes, why did you choose it?

Yes, religious studies. I had a class with Dr. Von Thaden my junior year and I loved it. He is a great professor and I thought the class was so interesting.