Brew & View pleases students

It was 6 p.m. and I felt I was going to a bar. Free beer, free food and great company from friends could only mean it was Friday night, right? Apparently not.

Last Wednesday, Jan. 27, Mercyhurst College hosted the first Brew and View in the Cummings Art Gallery in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center (PAC). The event’s concept was too attractive to miss. Beer tasting followed by the movie “Animal House” seemed like a perfect Wednesday evening.
Tyler Stauffer photoTyler Stauffer photo

As I entered the PAC, I was asked for my ID and then given tickets valid for two beers.

Erie Beer provided the event with the featured beer, a craft brew called Magic Hat.

PAC Director Michael Fuhrman explained that “the reason why we did the Brew and View was to engage those students that are 21 in some of the events we host on campus. The movie ‘Animal House’ was so appropriate because it kind of was a parody at college life.”

He also said he liked how the event turned out and encourages more students to come and participate.

Assistant director of the PAC Bruce Parkhurst said the event went well.

“We thought it was very successful. Even President Gamble came,” she said.

Senior Kerrie Smith noticed Gamble’s presence, as well. “I think Magic Hat was a great first choice. It was fun to see students and faculty members like Dr. Gamble there enjoying a drink,” Smith said.

The food was great to balance the taste of the beer. Fresh popcorn was jumping out of the pot and being passed around by servers while people conversed around the room.

“I thought it was a really good idea to have a nice evening to relax and enjoy some drinks with my friends without getting sloshed,” senior Jon Tirk said.

Sandwiches and cheese platters were provided by Cornerstone Bar and Grill and tasted delicious.

After about an hour of drinking and munching, my friends and I heard the bell indicating that the movie was about to begin.

“We encourage all students to come and see it,” Fuhrman said.

“What we were disappointed in is that the students from Mercyhurst came to the reception, drank the beer, ate the food and then left, so it sort of defeated the purpose to what we were trying to do — to engage the students,” Fuhrman added.

“We hope that the students who are 21 will come but also give consideration to going to the film,” Fuhrman said. “If that’s not honored we have to rethink what we’re doing. We don’t want to just have a drink and eat.”