Chili sampler raises money for Haiti

Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to sample 20 variations of chili and vote on their favorite recipes at the Rock ’n’ Roll Chili Bowl Cook-off.

Campus Ministry and Human Resources co-sponsored the event, which took place on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Jennifer McCurdy photo: Christopher and Jennifer Coons won the Rock 'n' Roll Chili Bowl Cook-off with their 'Coons' White Chili.'Jennifer McCurdy photo: Christopher and Jennifer Coons won the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chili Bowl Cook-off with their ‘Coons’ White Chili.’

After the votes were counted, Christopher and Jennifer Coons claimed victory with “Coons’ White Chili.” Their chili won the title of Best Chili on the Hill.

“We were surprised,” Director of Admissions Christopher Coons said. “We found out throughout the day that white chicken chili is a pretty uncommon recipe.”

“Whether or not we win is not what is most important at the end of the day,” Financial Aid Advisor Jennifer Coons said. “We’re glad people spent money on the cause.”

As part of the campus wide Haiti Relief Week, the Chili Bowl raised $300 and a large box of food for the people of Haiti.

“This is the best turnout we’ve seen,” Director of Campus Ministry Greg Baker said. “I’m most happy that we can do this event in conjunction with Haiti Relief Week.”

“It’s fun to watch the faculty compete,” Baker said. “They really take it seriously.”

Only five entries could win trophies for their culinary creations.

“It was so tight that we counted and recounted,” Betsy Frank, Human Resources administrative assistant, said.

Debbie Wurst of Admissions won the Traditional category with her “Wurst is Best” recipe.

Associate Athletic Director Aaron Kemp and Darcey Kemp, director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development, won the Hot and Spicy category with their “Sweet Heart” chili.

Steve Perkins of Marketing won the Unique category with “Steve’s 4-3-2-1 Chili” recipe.

Frank won the Vegetarian category with her “Grape Juice Surprise!” chili.

In the end, the crowd enjoyed both the chili and the chance to aid the Haiti relief effort.

“The Chili Bowl is a really great, unique event,” senior Beth Boyd said. “Students love to come out to something new and different, and Haiti relief is a good cause.”