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An Erieite Appetite: Lucchetti's Pizza

October 25, 2010

Pizza is not a dish to get picky about, and yet, we all have very odd standards by which we judge it. I don’t like too much sauce, and I think I've always loved the toppings more than the pizza itself. I’ve never eaten a p...

An Erieite appetite: El Canelo

September 22, 2010

Quality: 3 out of 5 Price: Too expensive for a poor college student. The fact that there was a thriving Taco Bell across the street should have been the first sign. I may be a picky eater, but Mexican food is Mexican food. ...

An Erieite appetite: Raj Mahal's Indian cuisine

September 13, 2010

Faye Clark photoRating: 4 out of 5 stars Price: Moderate Anyone who has gone through Mercyhurst’s Welcome Week has had the core values of the college drilled into their brains. We are told to be socially merciful, globally responsible, compassionately hospitable, intelle...

An Erieite Appetite: Wegman's Market Café

September 6, 2010

Faye Clark photoAs a college student newly thrown into the world of having to shop and pay for my own meals, finding something filling for a good price has become a job itself. After my freshman year, I returned home to Columbus, Ohio, where I was spoiled by all the sushi,...

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