Love your life

I will start by acknowledging that I have had hard times in my life just like everyone else.

I’ve faced the death of people who meant the world to me, I’ve had heartbreak, I’ve been confused.

Everyone has to go through these ordeals, and no one is able to avoid them entirely.

Yet these are the things that constitute what it means to be alive.

I’m sure that everyone has experienced that moment in life when they think that things can get no worse, and then they do. Anyone who has lived knows that life is hard.

Every person on this earth has suffered at one point or another.

But the thing that no one ever thinks about during these times is something that we’ve all heard over and over: There is someone out there who has a harder life.

Living is all about perspective. People fail to realize that no matter how many bad moments they have, there will always be that one moment that balances it all out.

When you wake up each day, you should realize that you’re lucky to be alive. I’m not saying that you should never be sad or negative, because that would make me a hypocrite.

I am affected by those feelings each and every day. Living life doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time; it means that you appreciate each moment for what it is.

So I leave you with this: I can’t do anything but love life, because life is all that I have. If I go through life hating it, I will die without ever having lived at all.

And I love the moments where I cry just as much as I love the moments where I smile, because each moment is just as meaningful as the last.