No car, no problem! EMTA shuttle rides through Erie

EMTA shuttle stopEMTA shuttle stop

Did you dread that yellow school bus ride during high school? Ever wish you had a car to get around instead?

Well, if you’re a freshman, you can’t have a car yet, but at least you can ride a bus that won’t make you feel like a middle-schooler anymore.

Mercyhurst College provides students with an EMTA shuttle that takes them to various places on Peach Street and downtown.
With student IDs, Mercyhurst students can get free rides on any of the EMTA busses.

Route 17 covers Mercyhurst’s main campus, the Summit shopping area and downtown Erie. This means you can go to the mall, supermarket, the movies, restaurants and more. You can catch connections to other routes at any of the other EMTA bus stops.

Busses pass through each stop every hour on the hour, so make sure you are waiting at the stop on time; if you miss the bus, you’ll have to wait another hour for pick-up.

I can tell you from personal experience that a bus ride on the shuttle can sometimes be the highlight of your day or night.

“I love the shuttle rides with my friends. It lets me relax while getting to my destination,” junior Felicia Guerra said.

As you will soon realize, unlike many other places, owning a car at Mercyhurst College is not a necessity.

The shuttle provides transportation to students without the hassle of having to get gas, getting directions or having to find parking. This is quite a commodity since parking is expensive and hard to find on-campus, especially when it is snowed out.

Bus drivers are friendly and always ready to answer any schedule or route questions for students.

Route 17 has daily rides to different locations. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, the bus takes students to the mall, Target, Giant Eagle and other stores on Peach Street. Night routes run Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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