RV crew tours land of the free

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the wonderful freedom-seeking documentary, “The Motorhome Diaries.” It is the story of three friends, Jason, Adam and Pete, who took to the road in spring of this year to search for freedom in America in a real-time documentary.

They chronicle their adventures as they travel throughout the United States and interact with individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints at college campuses, businesses, homes and organizations. They are united by one goal: their desire to increase individual freedom and decrease the influence of government in their lives.

Driving from the urban jungles to picturesque small towns and everywhere in-between, they connect with those who reject government violence in favor of a voluntary society. Through the stories of the individuals they interview, they explore the historic shift in power from individuals to the government and the growing movement of those who are fighting back to reclaim their liberties.

You can follow the crew’s journey on MotorhomeDiaries.com and interact with the filmmakers, read frequently updated tweets and blog posts, and see videos and photos as they are created. The project produced over 150 videos, including interviews of academics, activists and elected officials.

The Motorhome Diaries garnered recognition from radio, Internet, and webcast media outlets, including Drew Carey’s Reason TV and Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. The crew attracted a lot of police attention, including an incident in Jones County, Miss. Sheriff arrested and detained the boys for 12 hours without cause after pepper-spraying, choking and illegally searching them.

In one incident, Canadian Border Police detained them for four hours after they admitted to being gun owners, laughed about their rights and physically damaged their property inside their 30-foot office and home known as MARV (Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle).