Mercyhurst ranks high for international students

Mercyhurst College enrolls one of the highest percentages of international students among the best regional universities in the North, according to U.S. News & World Report.

At six percent enrollment of international students, the college has tied for ninth place out of 172 colleges that made the list.

Mercyhurst has 226 international students from 46 different countries. They come from countries such as Ireland, Honduras, Poland, Vietnam, Nepal and many others.

Eric Evans, the director of international admissions, knows why Mercyhurst is such a popular choice for international students who come to study in the U.S.

“It’s really the same for international as domestic students,” Evans said. “Quality education, wonderful campus and affordable price.”
Ethan Magoc photo: Senior Srdjan Popovic is a hospitality management major from Montenegro.Ethan Magoc photo: Senior Srdjan Popovic is a hospitality management major from Montenegro.
Information about Mercyhurst is spread internationally “through the college website, word-of-mouth by current and past international students and direct recruitment in the home countries of the students,” said Evans, who is now working on recruiting students in Central America.

There are only a few people who know better than Evans why Mercyhurst is one of the top choices of international students—the students themselves. There are many reasons students from abroad choose to study in the U.S.

“The universities in Jamaica are excellent institutions, however there are very few of them,” junior Nicole Pryce of Clarendon, Jamaica, said. “So many students opt to study abroad. I chose the U.S. because I wanted the experience of studying abroad as well as the unique opportunities that colleges here offer.”

Junior Killian Bowe from Dublin, Ireland, is of the same mind as Pryce.

“I thought, ‘Why not study international business internationally?’” Bowe said. “Also, going to another country would help me broaden my horizons and learn about a different culture.”

Many of the international students who study in the U.S. are interested in not only earning a degree, but also learning a new language and culture.

“I chose to study in the States because my bachelor’s degree will open many doors and give me more opportunities in my future life,” senior Srdjan Popovic of Montenegro said. “Also, I wanted to learn the language, experience new places, meet other cultures etc.”

Domestic students at Mercyhurst also gain experiences from having international students on campus.
Ethan Magoc photo: Junior Nicole Pryce is a biology and pre-health major from Jamaica.Ethan Magoc photo: Junior Nicole Pryce is a biology and pre-health major from Jamaica.
“We’re proud that students from 46 different countries have chosen to attend Mercyhurst College from among the hundreds of top-tier institutions in the United States,” said Dr. Michael Lyden, vice president for enrollment. “These students find a welcoming environment here and contribute much to the experience of our domestic students.”

It seems international students who chose Mercyhurst are glad they made the choice they did.

“I think Mercyhurst is great, especially the people and the array of activities to take part in,” Bowe said.