Class Catalog: Two-Dimensional Design

Christina Judy, Staff writer

Two Dimensional Design or Art-125, is a unique course that is offered to students in an art-related major.
The course is taught here at Mercyhurst by Professor Alison Stinley of the Art Department.
This course is offered in the spring semester every year. It is recommended that students take ART-100 prior to taking this course but it is not a requirement.
Due to the nature of this course, the class period is an hour and 50 minutes long to ensure that students are getting the proper amount of time that they need to learn all the techniques and practice what they have learned.
Two-dimensional art refers to any form of visual art that exists in two dimensions. The art forms that can depict two-dimensions are drawings, paintings, prints and photographs.
Students who take this course will get exposure to all the different art forms that are listed above.
The description on self-service course catalog said, “Introductory art foundations course focused on the exposure and study of elements and principles of design, creative processes, synthesis and the technical aspects of art production including media, tools and methods.”
While this course is for the students who have a major or minor in art, as part of the liberal arts curriculum, students might feel inclined to add a major or minor in art and they would be able to have this course count toward that.
The art of design can open many opportunities for students beyond college, especially in our world where everything we see and everything we share is viewed a certain way which has remarkable effects.
Far too many students are not exposed to the opportunities other majors offer that may in fact suit their personal qualities better.
Mercyhurst hopes to open students’ eyes to new opportunities and ideas they may have not thought about otherwise.