Class Catalog: IA-100: Intro to Design Basics

Megan McKay, Staff writer

Intro to Design Basics or IA-100 is a unique course offered to Interior Architecture and Design majors.
The course is taught here at Mercyhurst by Professor Kathy Weidenboerner of the Interior Design Department.
Weidenboerner described the course in her own words saying, “This course is the first step across the bridge to being a great designer.”
Intro to Design Basics is specifically a studio course that includes both lecture and hands-on creation of artistic exercises for student’s to get a sense of the characteristics in design environments.
Students will also use a wide variety of skills like sketching, and an application of design which are valuable tools needed in order to create professional models. Students looking to explore the elements and principles of design will thrive in the studio environment through various projects and exercises.
Weidenboerner described why she liked teaching the course saying, “Every class of students and their approaches to solving the design problems are different. It’s exciting to see those responses and the works of design and art that the creative mind can produce. I especially love when a student discovers and gains confidence in one of these new skills.”
Intro to Design Basics not only covers the fundamentals of design, but students can also assess their current skills through feedback. Having a class suited for the world of design is a great opportunity to join a group of designers who are like minded. The class helps artists develop their inner creativity which is a great asset in school and in life.
Emphasis in the class will also be placed on the artistic creation and analysis of design compositions that are grounded in design fundamentals. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional interpretations and expressions will be explored as well in relation to the elements of line, shape, form, mass, texture, space, light, color and motion; the principles of emphasis, balance, scale, proportion, rhythm, unity, variety and harmony; visual perception; and design theory.
The course is offered all year here at Mercyhurst and is a 3-credit full semester option.
Students interested in adding Interior Architecture and Design will be required to take this course and will not have any regrets.
The core of the major is to combine modern artistry and special functionality.
The Interior Architecture and Design program is also housed within the Walker College of Business which provides students with a foundation including Intro to Design but also knowledge of the field of business. Students receive hands-on experience which is extremely beneficial in the design world and in our community.
The art of design can open many opportunities for students beyond college, especially in our world where everything we see and everything we share is viewed a certain way which has remarkable effects.
Far too many students are not exposed to the opportunities other majors offer that may in fact suit their personal qualities better.
Mercyhurst hopes to open students’ eyes to new opportunities and ideas they may have not thought about otherwise.