Senior forward leading women’s soccer

Diego Himede, Staff writer

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, and teamwork is vital to win games and even championships. That being said, personal talent is also important. Sometimes, when the game is close, some players appear to “carry the team.” This is where Mercyhurst women’s soccer player, senior Kristina Roberti comes in.

With 15 games played this season, the Laker forward has scored seven times, making her the top scorer for the team. Additionally, she has more shots on target than any other player on the team.

Roberti has shown a lot of devotion to her team, playing intensely and passionately.

“I am definitely excited with the way the season has started off. I think the team is working hard and each game we are getting better as a unit. We’ve caught some tough breaks so far, but that’s just soccer sometimes,” Roberti said.

Although it is important to be gifted to play this sport, one must also have discipline. One act of discipline is eating healthy as Roberti mentioned she likes sticking to proteins and carbs.

Being that soccer is a team sport, it is important to have a good relationship within the team and the team understands that.

“Our personalities mesh really well and I think that is why we have all grown to become not only best friends but also a family,” Roberti said.

Roberti said that Head Coach Keith Cammidge is another important member of the team, saying he has their best interest in mind and would do anything for his players.

Roberti shared one of her most treasured memories as a soccer player. It happened when Mercyhurst beat Gannon at home, her sophomore year.

“It has been one of the most fulfilling wins,” Roberti said.

Yet, for Kristina, not everything is about soccer. Just like everybody else, she also has plans off of the field.

“After college, I hope to get a job doing something that I enjoy waking up to every morning. I am double majoring in management and finance, and I hope to have a positive impact on other people’s lives as I forgo a career in the business world,” Roberti said.

The season has not finished yet, and Roberti has still a lot of games to show Mercyhurst and her teammates what she is capable of.