Online courses at MU prove to be a student’s dream come true

Colleen Niebauer, Staff writer

Imagine you are in a classroom, only the chairs are much comfier and you aren’t afraid to eat ramen or drink hot tea in the middle of class.

In this classroom, you are unashamedly still in your pajamas, you can attend whenever you want and the learning is always at your own pace. You can even bring and wear a blanket while in class. Sounds like heaven, right? How could all of this be possible? Simple: you are taking an online class.

If given the chance to take an online class, do it. Don’t hesitate or think that it isn’t a real class, because it can at times be even better than normal classes. Depending on the professor, he or she may upload video lectures and post assignments.

One aspect of the course I took over the summer that I did not like was the fact that we had to answer questions on a discussion board by a certain day.
It was involved and though it was a very good way to get our opinions out there, it was somewhat intimidating, especially when I was afraid I had no idea what I was talking about.

That being said, it was easier to respond to other people and it was fun to read intricate conversations with other classmates whom I had never met in real life.

There was plenty of time to finish work and do activities, some of which were even fun.

We knew the schedule far in advance and nothing really interfered so there was no rush to catch up on assignments. Being able to watch lectures at 11 p.m. and take notes while awake was much better than having to wake up for an 8 a.m. class every day.

The online class was set to my schedule, was relatively easy and ran at a steady pace, as long as I did the work.

Before you all rush to Webadvisor to sign up for an online class, however, remember that it’s still a class to learn from and not necessarily an easy A.