Notorious Archaeology Dept. cats looking for new homes

Sami Rapp, Editor-in-chief

There are more changes in the archaeology department. As of Saturday, Jan. 16, the two cats that lived in the Ceramics Lab of Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute have been relocated.

After five years of calling the Mercyhurst home, Herbert and Beano were evicted due to the request of the head of MAI and the dean of Zurn School of Natural Science.

The cats called Mercyhurst home after Allen Quinn, professor of archaeology and director of the Ceramics Lab, brought them to the school hoping to get them adopted.

The two cats lived in a vineyard near Quinn’s old home.

“When I moved, I took them with me, they were feral cats that I fed and I knew they couldn’t handle the winters around here,” said Quinn. “I brought them here hoping to get them adopted but they never did.”

The cats were only supposed to live in the lab temporarily. However, after a year, they became feline celebrities both within MAI and throughout campus as many students spent time playing with the cats. The cats were even featured in an Erie Times-News article in 2013.

Many students voiced their sadness over their departure, including Jordan Pendel, a sophomore archaeology student. Jordan was one of the several students who was very attached to the two cats.

“Being away from my cats at home, it was nice being able to visit Herbert and Beano. I’m so sad now that they’re gone because they were always so friendly and excited to see people,” Pendel said.

News of their absence spread quickly and many students have already noticed their absence and several of them have come up to Quinn to ask about their whereabouts.

The cats are currently looking for a home. Both are friendly but have feline AIDS and cannot be around uninfected cats.

If interested in adopting the two cats, email Allen Quinn at