Senior Class ‘anchor’ gift idea sinks

Cheyanne Crum, Staff writer

It was recently announced that the Class of 2016 would be leaving behind an anchor as their class gift, costing about $10,000. I don’t know about the rest of the school, but that is more money than I could even dream of having at one time in this point of my life.

It seems like a waste of money to buy yet another piece of “art” that sits on campus and goes unused. Unless this anchor is going to be functional, just in case we have another water line burst and find ourselves in need of dropping anchor to keep the campus from floating into 38th Street.
Past class gifts have included the clock in Garvey Park, the bell also in Garvey Park and a lot of benches.

The class of 2014 donated the group study space in the library and the student section on Tullio Field, while the class of 2015 donated the concession stand. Both of these are beneficial to the students in some way.

If I was in charge of choosing the senior class gift, I would want to follow in my predecessors’ footsteps and choose something along those lines.
Some ideas I have come up with include buying the charging stations that were originally proposed, because they would be something students could use if they were placed correctly.

Other colleges have hydration stations within their buildings which are water fountains that have a water bottle filling add-on that also filters the water for you, which we could definitely use in Erie.
Who decided to buy an anchor? I know we are the Lakers but the campus is solidly held down by all the snow, without the need to be literally anchored.

When walking around the campus as a prospective student, everyone is too overtaken by the beauty of the campus and overwhelmed by the idea of coming to college to notice that although the campus is very aesthetically pleasing, it is not what I would call “student friendly.”

It is almost not until sophomore year that students begin to realize that the campus does not have much in the way of “hang outs.” This money the senior class gift committee is raising should be put towards changing that. Just do something important with it.

I would think that a senior gift is not only about thanking the school but also to leave something that your underclassmat(ies) would be able to use. Well, unless the Sisters are trying to bring all the Lakers back to Ireland on our floating campus boat.