Springfest artists are revealed

Lauren Murphy, Staff writer

It is that time of year again: Springfest is just around the corner. This year Mercyhurst welcomes special guests MTKO and Daya. The music they play is a mix between pop and hip hop.

“The process of choosing the Springfest artists is a difficult one, but ends up being rewarding in the end,” Samantha Beckas, Student Activities Council chair said.

Planning for Springfest starts in the fall when the Springfest committee and their advisors identify the budget that have to work with. The next step, the committee figures out the “feel” or type of music they want for Springfest.

“We put in other bids before MKTO and Daya accepted our offer, but we are happy with the decision,” Beckas said.

Park Bogan, the Mercyhurst Student Government vice president; Garrett Erwin, MSG event coordinator, Samantha Collier, the MAC chair, and Beckas were the main individuals involved in the planning process.

The Springfest committee’s goal was to keep the high level of energy that past Springfest artists have brought, such as last year’s artist T-Pain, but with a different genre of music, according to Beckas.

“Garrett Erwin, Sam Beckas, and Sam Collier, along with staff from the Campus Involvement Center, have put a ton of work into the event throughout this whole school year,” Bogan said.

The finances for the artists come from a Student Activities Fee that is built into student’s tuition. This fee also pays for events put on by MSG, SAC and MAC. The groups also work closely with a talent manager who sends out bids to the artists.

Students had mixed opinions about the artists for Springfest.

“I normally don’t get excited about Springfest, but this year I think I might go,” junior Brett Swan said.

Freshman Bridget Jacob said she has never heard of MKTO or Daya, but is still open to going to the concert.

“I’m excited to experience Springfest,” said Jacob. “Since it’s my first one, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it no matter who is performing. I don’t really have any expectations since it is my first one.”

Junior Colin O’Connor said he is looking forward to it.

“Even though it’s a switch from the hip hop genre last year, MKTO is still very upbeat and will be very exciting. I can’t wait,” O’Connor said.

The process of picking an artist, sending out a bid and receiving an acceptance is lengthy and the Springfest committee can only send out one bid at a time.

The amount of planning that goes into Springfest is a mighty feat that starts back in August.

“I’m incredibly excited about the artists, and the event as a whole. It is going to be a very memorable event for every student at Mercyhurst,” Bogan said.