Student slumber parties not an issue

Amber Matha, Staff writer

Not everyone on campus is Catholic. Not everyone on campus is even religious. The only person or entity that can tell people where they are destined to go in their afterlife, if they believe in one, is the god that they believe in.

Two people can sleep in the same bed without taking their clothes off and without fornication occurring. Based on my own experience I know this to be true.

I do not live on campus, but I would be miffed if I could not have my boyfriend sleeping overnight in my dorm room as I only get to see him an average of four times a year.

A few of my friends have their boyfriends sleeping over all of the time without a problem arising in their apartments.

One, in a long distance relationship, has no choice but to have her boyfriend stay over because he would have nowhere else to stay, otherwise.

In my opinion, if the individual’s roommate is OK with the significant other sleeping over, then they should be allowed to sleep over. I can understand why freshmen are not allowed to have significant others sleep over. Freshmen are crammed into small, shoe-box sized rooms, so it is understandable.

The above article states that dating in freshman year is bad because it will push one’s friends away. If you are in a relationship where you lose your friendships because you are spending so much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are probably not in a particularly healthy relationship.

One might say that the additional person in the room will likely rudely awaken a sleeping roommate.

Maybe I do not know what I am talking about since I do not live in a dorm, but I could not imagine getting intimate with my significant other with my roommate in my room.

As humans, not rabbits, we have the choice to refrain from having intercourse overnight. It is also not a surprise that people can have sex during the day while the roommate is not present. Whereas my fellow writer discussed why you should not want your boyfriend or girlfriend over for the night, I would like to discuss why one would want them to sleep over.

The reasoning comes down to chemistry. According to The Sleep Foundation, when a person is in contact with another person, hugging, cuddling or otherwise, a hormone by the name of oxytocin is released in the brain.
Nicknamed “the cuddle chemical,” when released oxytocin can reduce pain, stress, blood pressure and boosts one’s immune system. Endorphins can also be released which are the causes of feelings such as the “runner’s high,” which is also a pleasant experience. Because students tend to get very stressed throughout the semester, cuddling overnight can lead to great health benefits.

I agree that dating a fellow classmate can lead to an awkward situation if the relationship ends badly. However, that should not be a reason for someone to not date at all in college.

College is a time where students get to develop their professional as well as social lives and make relationships that will last well into their adult lives.

Another reason dating in college is supposedly a bad decision is due to the drama that it causes. It is wrong to group all college relationships in this way. I have never had a drama issue that was based on a friend’s relationship for one reason. I do not force myself into my friends’ relationships.

Some of the worst drama I have ever encountered had nothing to do with relationships at all and to be frank, if you escape college without experiencing some form of drama, you are doing college wrong.