Class of 2020 has record enrollment

Alexandra Long, Contributing writer

On Aug. 19, Mercyhurst University welcomed 800 new students through its gates. These students make up the class of 2020, which happens to be the largest in Mercyhurst history.
“Knowing that I’m a part of the largest MU class in history warms my heart,” said freshman Victoria Noker. “I truly believe that this is one of the best schools on the planet.”
Prior to this year, 2004 held the record for the highest enrollment at Mercyhurst with a class size of 717.
President Michael T. Victor, along with the rest of the university, has been working hard to make this incoming class a strong one.
“It’s very impactful to see the largest class in the history of the university,” said President Victor. “There’s more interaction on campus. Every day there’s something or someone that’s new and different.”
Victor is most excited to see this class “continue the enthusiasm” and “add to the flavor” of campus. Victor believes this class’ extreme school spirit is going to enhance the Mercyhurst dynamic.
Not only is the class of 2020 a spirited one, but it is a smart one, too. According to Victor, 100 of the incoming freshmen graduated high school with a 4.0.
Victor believes this freshman class can accomplish anything, and he is excited to watch them “accomplish their dreams.”
This jump in enrollment is in the best interest of the university, according to Christian Beyer, Director of Admissions.
“With President Victor’s leadership and his team, admissions and marketing was allocated with more resources to reach out further,” said Beyer. “We know we have a good product here, and we’ve always known that, but we feel like we were able to better communicate that this year to a larger reach.”
With the increase in student population, Mercyhurst has had to make adjustments around campus. Alongside the Grotto Commons renovation and the addition of triple occupancy rooms in Warde Hall, the university has worked hard to adjust class schedules that better accommodate the influx of freshmen.