School spirit is less than desired

Lauren Abbott, Contributing writer

It’s finally football season! And with football season comes home games, fans and cheering.

Sept. 17 kicked off our first home game of the season against East Stroudsburg University, and it advertised to be quite an exciting event.

My high school didn’t have sports teams because it was solely academic, so I was really excited to finally get to cheer on my own team during a game.

We had a great turnout for both of our home games so far, at least for the first half of the game.

It seems that the enthusiasm for the game lessens as we reach the second half, even when the score is really close or we are winning.

Despite the rain the morning of the East Stroudsburg game, many fans still attended, at least for the first half. As it approached halftime, most people left and didn’t even stay to watch the inaugural performance of the marching band.

Those that stayed were super enthusiastic about the band, and I have to say the band was impressive.  For it being the first performance, the band members were well prepared and organized.

They played a personal favorite of mine, “Carry On My Wayward Son,” which is the song played at the beginning of every “Supernatural” season finale.

They also performed with the dance team in an upbeat dance and song routine.  The dance team’s peppiness and high energy movements really get people excited.

It is also nice to see the dance team performing at the game on the sidelines by the band. It is a nice added touch to the school spirit.

One thing I wish was different would be where the cheerleaders are located. They stand on the far end of the field, far away from the majority of students. And when it comes time for them to cheer, they get drowned out by the rest of the people in the stands.

They are so far away from the middle of the stands that it gets really hard to see them at all during a game and their chants aren’t as effective to pump up the crowd when nobody can see them.

Overall, I would say that the turnout for sports was great, but our school spirit could really use some work.