Sit, stay, speak!


Colleen Dougan

Junior Megan Pohl is greeted by a friendly dog.

Colleen Dougan, Contributing writer

Dog lovers at Mercyhurst University joined together on Sept. 21 at Garvey Park for the bi-annual Dog Days event. The event, hosted by Mercyhurst Campus Ministry, gave students an opportunity to relax, meet with friendly dogs and connect with faculty and other members of the Mercyhurst community.

Campus Ministry invited professors, staff and students to bring their dogs to campus for the fall gathering. They provided hot dogs and snacks for all in attendance, and it was a beautiful sunny day for students to enjoy the event.

“I feel like it relieves stress for students, especially during the beginning of the semester for people who may be new to the school. It provides students who may be missing their own pets a chance to interact with some cute dogs,” sophomore Eli Curtiss said.

Sophomore Curtis Waidley and his family brought their boxer, Roxy, to the event.

“I thought the whole event was really well put together,” said Waidley. “There was a lot of good food, and water bowls for the dogs, and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves just connecting over being a dog owner.”

Campus Ministry staff decided to host Dog Days during Mercy week this year to add to the spirit of hospitality and compassion that mercy embodies.

According to Jenell Patton, assistant director of Campus Ministry, the event had a great turnout for the second year in a row.

“I honestly wish this was an event that took place a couple times per year,” said Waidley. “My dog was so happy to be there and crashed after I brought her home, but it’s good for her to socialize with other people and other dogs.”